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If I ever win an Oscar there would be one person I would HAVE to thank…my mum. Mainly because if I didn’t she would kill me but also because she would totally deserve it. My mum is one incredible lady, if you don’t know her then shame on you – you’re missing out. Here are just a few reasons why I picked my mum.

How to be a mum: I think being a good mother is one of the hardest things you could ever do. Looking back over my life there are countless times my mum has demonstrated amazing abilities.  I am not saying she is perfect, but alongside my dad (who is also great!), she has been hugely supportive of me, and also brought me down a peg or two on a number of occasions, when I’ve needed it. I know when I become a mum so much of the mother I will be will be based on my amazing mum.

Serving my community: My lil’ mum (I say little because she is barely 5’1) has been involved with GirlGuiding UK since I was about four, and for the last 23 years she has committed herself to serving her local community. She has witnessed hundreds of girls go through the system and, in her own words, her motivation was to help them ‘create memories’. From this my mummio has taught me to attempt to be selfless and offer myself to others. She may not say this in words but her actions speak so much louder than any words I could read in a book or hear on a stage.

Being a great friend:  My mum will drop everything for all sorts of people. I have seen this on a number of occasions, but one always sticks in my mind. When I was a teenager a close family friend lost their 15 year-old son. My mum, alongside my dad,  sat with the family at the hospital during their son’s final moments. The day after his death my mum spent the morning phoning others to inform them of the devastating news, each person asking heartbreaking questions and my mum just did it without a hesitation. Throughout this time she knew where the support was needed and did everything she could. I learnt so much about what it was to be a true friend during that time.

There are a number of women I could’ve written about who have made a wider impact in society, but when I think of a woman who has inspired me and has shaped my thinking, behaviour, how I treat others and who I am my mum will always win hands down.

At Bramber we are aware that many of the ladies we’ll work with may not have had solid upbringings, but we want to be the people who cheer them on at every stage, encouraging values and demonstrating love. If the Oscar call ever comes for them then we may have to discuss the thank you speech…

Hollin Preston
Hollin Preston
Hollin holds the vision for BB, alongside Lucy. She lives by the sea and is a little obsessed with taking photos of her cat.
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