Inspirational Women: Esther


If there’s one woman who can encourage and empower us ladies, it’s Esther. During her reign as Queen, God used her as a vessel to prevent the destruction of the Jewish people.

Leading a team can be daunting but there are a few lessons Esther can teach us…

She was fearless – Esther took her life in her hands and decided to intercede with the king on behalf of her people, no matter the consequences.

She was courageous – Esther was young and inexperienced but she used her position to confront the King.

She was patient – Esther never rushed her decision. Despite her want to help the Jewish people, she waited for the perfect time.

She was humble – Esther asked for and accepted, advice from others who were able to provide wisdom and insight.

She was dependent on God – Esther directed her people to fast. She never saw for herself the way in which God would use her but she risked her life to help others.

I often feel inadequate for the task God has called me to. But I’m encouraged by Esther. Fearless, courageous, patient, humble and dependent on God.

What a woman!

Lucy Butt
Lucy Butt
Lucy holds the vision. She has a passion for showing women their true worth, enjoys making people laugh and always arrives with cake.
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