We Knead You!

We want to express how thankful we are for your continued support as we work to make Bramber Bakehouse a reality. Because of you, this September, we’ll be teaching women a series of baking and employability skills over the course of six months.

Our baking guru, Martha Collison has written some fantastic signature recipes which we’ll be teaching each month. Bakers will learn a specific baking skill and we’ll be mixing up products, including the widely-anticipated Bramber Brownie!

Like all good bakers, we’re going to need some equipment. This is where you come in. We would love to see you donating kitchen items which can be used by the ladies during each session this autumn.

We’re looking for good quality (new or used) equipment and we’ve baked up a few ideas, based on our recipes.

There are three ways to donate;

1. Visit our Amazon Gift List and choose items to gift to us – Click here

2. If you are purchasing elsewhere, or have used equipment to donate, simply email hello@bramberbakehouse.co.uk and one of the team will get in touch

3. To support us going forward, you can set up a monthly donation that will help cover the costs of running a series of workshops – Click here

Every item of equipment you donate takes us one step closer to starting the workshops this autumn. Who’d have thought spatulas, spoons and scales can change lives! Thank you for all you’ve done for us so far – we’re excited for the next step of the journey.

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